Take dominating power and performance

with you everywhere you go.


The DogHouse Mobius series of gaming laptops is conceived and produced by veteran computer hardware engineers who know what elite gaming is all about. Gorgeous graphics, high resolution, iron-clad stability and zero frame lag. Hardcore components aside, the Mobius series gaming laptops feature sleek design and light weight, delivering a perfectly portable gaming experience that crushes any competition that gets in your way.




DogHouse Mobius NT

Mobius LT


The Mobius LT is the ultra-portable, yet super fast gaming laptop. It's small, compact and packs a punch.



Starting at $1,695

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DogHouse Mobius VS

Mobius VS


Light weight mobility and heavy weight gaming, all in one package. Have the best of both worlds with the Mobius VS.


Starting at $1,595

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DogHouse Mobius ES

Mobius ES


Step up your game and dominate with fast, ferocious performance.


Starting at $2,095

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DogHouse Mobius TL



Power and mobillity - the way DogHouse Systems does it. Introducing the Mobius TL, the gaming laptop that rivals the best desktops of the gaming realm.


Starting at $2,295



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