The Yogscast Special Case Options

At the Yogscast, everyone knows a great video starts with a great PC. It doesn’t matter if you're building a kingdom in Minecraft, blowing each other up in GTAV or playing the latest AAA games, a good PC not only makes editing easier, but also makes playing games a dream.

If you’re as serious about the Yogscast as you are gaming, you can get a special edition Yogscast case for the Armor VS, Armor ES and Armor TL desktop gaming models, the very same ones we use here at YogTowers.

This exclusive case features the classic Honeydew face decal at no extra cost for both standard black and white case options, as well as the premium Corsair 570X tempered glass chassis. Simply configure your machine as usual and choose the Yogscast case you prefer under the “Chassis” option. And make sure to use the offer code “YOGSCAST” to get a free 240GB SSD!