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Established in 2008, DogHouse Systems™ produces elite desktop computers for the most discriminating PC gamer. The DogHouse Systems™ machines offer the best performance value available on the market today.

Built with Perfection in Mind

The company was founded by computer hardware professionals who love gaming and wanted to offer a product specifically built and tested to ensure optimal performance out of a single machine without loading it with costly extras that provide little or no benefit. The engineers at DogHouse Systems™ tested scores of hardware configurations to find the perfect combination of quality components that, together, would create synergistic performance unmatched by competitors and backed by statistical benchmarks. These machines are not tweaked, juiced or over-clocked. They are the result of matching pure raw power with ironclad stability. If these machines were athletes, they would have 100% muscle and 0% body fat. DogHouse Systems™ proudly introduces – the Armor Series.

Choices. Not Confusing Options.

DogHouse Systems™ offers three distinct levels of gaming desktop machines called the Armor Line: the entry-level VS, the ES series, and the flagship TL series. DogHouse also offers an elite gaming laptop called Mobius. Each machine is built with the most balanced configuration so you don't have to worry about a confusing deluge of options that have no real-world performance gain and do nothing but eat into your wallet. Each DogHouse Systems™ machine demonstrates astounding capability that will give you years of dominant gaming

It's Time To Level Up.

To show that you're getting the very best, DogHouse Systems™ invites you to view our philosophy and approach in producing these incredible machines. We reveal to you the proof of performance with our benchmark statistical data.

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