Render and Compile in Style

The DHS Professional Workstation line is tailored for architects, game developers and 3D designers who need the best, both in hardware and support. Our workstations feature the latest Intel Core-i7 and Core-i9 processors and Nvidia Quadro and GeForce graphics offering the best performance for the most affordable price. We offer systems configured for two different missions: Design and Rendering. Generally, design work relies heavily on CPU horsepower but not so much on graphics, whereas rendering usually requires both. We’ve tailored the two lines to meet these two general useage scenarios so you can maximize your capital expenditure. These are industry-proven standard configurations, hundreds of which are deployed in the field rendering tomorrow’s plazas, stadiums and oil refinery infrastructure right now.

In this industry we know time is money. We offer true 24/7 tech support: no foreign call centers, real assistance from our staff, everytime. Should you run into an issue, depending on your needs, we routinely offer overnight advanced replacement parts and systems.

We know the needs of industry professionals are many and varied so don’t hesitate to call us for custom quotes to meet your requirements. Lastly, our configurations are the end result of a meticulous testing process. If you have questions pertaining to our component selection and usage we will be happy to discuss our reasoning with you.

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